Going to New York? Read my advices before.

NYC is a beautiful place but huge and full of turistic places. How can you see the most of it in few days and don’t waste time? And why are people so excited about this place?


NY is one of the most famous cities especially thanks to thousands movies and series. Everyone wants to feel for a moment like from Friends, Gossip girl or Sex and the city. NY is fun but you are not rich movie star. That’s why you should know different websites for cheap accommodation like Couchsurfing, AirBnb and others. What else, if you want to see most of it in few days you should buy NY pass, I write about in article below. And because I’m not perfect traveler or someone who plans every hour of trip I gave you there few tips about places I missed.
Now please read more about Brooklyn bridge, skyscrapers and cykling around Central Park.


I hope that now you know which skyscraper you should visit if you have time only for one of them, where else to go besides Manhattan if you have time and why is so hard to see everything in Central park. New York can have lots of cons and pros but both times I was leaving this city I was hoping in return because NY has special atmosphere for me.

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