About Jana

Hello, ahoj, aloha, holá…

…doesn’t matter from where are you to read my articles. Because main topic of this blog is traveling and beauty of difference what you can find if you travel. Someone call it addiction, someone school of life… I just think that traveling is best way how to open closed mind and heart.img_8614

Who I am?

I’m university student from Slovakia – small country in the middle of Europe. I’m still on that way trying to be more wise, tolerant, openminded and happy which is the most important. Someone would tell that I’m too young (I’m 22) but I am saying: “Fortunately I’m still young so I have time to improve myself, travel, learn and explore!”

P.S.: Please be patient with my writing. This is first time I write in English more than few sentences. During last three years I improved a lot especially in talking but writing whole blog in English is still hard for me. Please if you find mistake let me know by writing me on e-mail: jfridrichova4@gmail.com or just write it to comments. Advice and correction is always better than critic. Thank you 🙂

Why this blog?

As I mentioned earlier I’m university student. My field of study is Mass media communication which can be shortened just to media or journalism in my case because that’s what I want to focus on. I was trying to write for some online magazines and university magazine too because my school is telling to students that nothing is such important as practice in real media, in real life. But mostly I wasn’t able to do it longer time because I had problem to think of great topic or if I had an idea it wasn’t always ideal for that type of magazine. So finally I decided to write about what I consider as my passion: about traveling.

I don’t consider myself as a big adventurous traveler yet because there is much more great travelers in the world who’s seen much more. But I’m proud of myself anyway and I feel that my family and friends are too because they consider it very brave. Especially because I have never been away from Europe and one day I decided to go to USA for whole summer.

That´s how it began.  My English wasn’t fluent at all, my job was lifeguarding and my roommates where from Slovakia and Ukraine. It was so hard, funny, challenging and crazy that I had to go again and make it more hard, challenging and crazy. I went on same Work and Travel program to Miami Beach where I found job by myself. After work I contacted some other students and traveled with them around West Coast. During school I couldn’t hold myself calm so I went to every possible small trip to Warsaw, Riga, Vilnius, Istanbul… Last summer I changed location and job. Again. So I found myself in California mountains as a server and it was great. Than Hawaii, back home and this is how it continues… Let’s see what will be next I’m curious as much as you are 🙂


4 thoughts on “About Jana

  1. Hello Jana! It’s nice to read your writing for Travelicious World. I am also new in blogging world. Let’s read each other’s writing. My blog is not finished yet. But later when it’s ready, I hope you will enjoy it.

    Happy traveling.

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I hope I will be invited to write for Travelicious World more. I am still improving my blog as well so I know the struggle. I will follow you for sure and wish you the best in writing and traveling.

  2. Have yoս eveг considered aЬout axding а ⅼittle bit more tҺan jսst your articles?

    I mean, wɦat yoᥙ saʏ іs valuable and everything. But tɦink about іf
    yoᥙ added ѕome greаt pictures ߋr video clips tߋ ǥive үour poss mߋгe, “pop”!
    Your cоntent iѕ excellent Ьut wіth images and clips, this blog сould
    certɑinly be one of the bestt іn its niche. Good blog!

    1. Thank you, appreciate this. I´m always adding pictures too so I´m not sure how do you mean it 🙂 About videos…you are right. I have some videos and I was doing some compilations as well but it´s still poor quality I don´t have some special camera 🙂 But I will try to improve and find more time for that. Thanks for motiviation!

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